Twice the Love, Twice the Friends

When I found out early in my second pregnancy that we were expecting twins, I was beyond shocked. The thought of having two babies at once had never crossed my mind and I didn’t know how to process the information. While I was happy and excited, I was also scared to death and I found that my pregnancy was profoundly different from my first. It was hard to communicate to friends and family how exhausted I was, how sick I felt, and how nervous I was about my birth plan.

Thankfully, I found an unexpected support system online with about 150 other women all pregnant with twins and due during the summer of 2011. I’d previously shied away from online parenting forums because they inevitably become snarky and judgmental, which I absolutely did not need when I was already feeling like a depressed whale with a brain injury. 

I don’t know what happened to be different about this group of mothers. We all had very different opinions about parenting and came from very different backgrounds, belief systems and even countries. Yet there was an element of respect between us, a desire to support other moms who were going through the same process, whether they felt like depressed whales or not.

Today our twins (or more!) are all around 3 years old and we don’t spend as much time posting questions for each other at 3AM. At times some of us take breaks and don’t check in for a month or two. But there is a draw and a friendship that exists even though many of us have never met face to face, and I honestly can’t imagine how lonely I would feel without this group of wonderful women in my life.

One thing that is particularly amazing about these women is the amount of creativity and artistry in the group. We have women who sew, bake, write, draw, make jewelry, and even a tattoo artist. I am inspired by their businesses and their beautiful creations, and by their ability to make time for their art even with two (or more!) 3 year olds vying for attention. 

So when I decided to start writing a blog I also decided I wanted to touch on the ideas and talents of these women whom I find so inspiring!

The first way I thought of to do that was to contact Tiffany Petty of Clever Fox Creative to design a logo for my site. Did you notice it? I am so incredibly happy with the design! All I had to do was explain to her my inspiration for my blog title (O, A and K for the names of my boys and Ooak for One of a Kind. Solid for family unity and for the firm place arts and crafts hold in my heart). I think she captured my thoughts beautifully. Also, now that I have a logo I feel that I’m more obligated to write because it makes me kind of, sort of official.

Last Christmas Tiffany also designed our Christmas card, which I just have to show off here:

The Collin Christmas Card by


Clearly she is an expert at capturing the personalities of her clients. I am so lucky to know her and am excited to see her creative business grow and thrive!