Is that John Travolta in Your Bed Room?

Watching to much HDTV and following about 100 upcycle boards on Pinterest has given me a passion for sorting through other people’s junk. You never know what you’ll find in someone else’s garage, and the hunt for something unique just thrills me. While I have dreams of someday discovering an unused collection of my favorite depression glass pattern or a stash of pyrex that looks just like my Nana’s, more often I gather up simple things that may inspire me to create something new.

At a local rummage sale last week I came across a basket of old knitting and needlework patterns that really intrigued me and bought a big stack of them for $1.00. I wasn’t disappointed when I found the March 1978 issue of “Family Circle” stuck in among the fisherman’s sweaters and McCall’s cross stitch books.

Among the typical women’s magazine articles  (“How to Lose Weight Without Really Trying,” “Are You Smarter Than Your Husband?” and “The Secret to Beautiful Skin”) were several craft tutorials and an abundance of decorating suggestions. I am inspired by the embroidery below. The thread was brushed after completion to make the color burst. I’d love to lean this technique to bring my own embroidery to life. I love how the technique allows the colors to felt and blend.

1978 needlework

1978 3D needlework- a unique way to enhance embroidery.

While the furniture in this room needs some updating, I actually love the geometric floor created from a hand cut stencil. It would be even better if limited to a smaller section of flooring to highlight the windows or seating area. And see the coffee table with the plant in it? A little weird, but it’s made from a chicken coop which automatically makes it ten times more fantastic, right? Upcycling was a thing before we even knew it was a thing.

Geometric Sunroom

Still, let’s be honest. Some vintage trends should stay buried in the pages of “Family Circle” back issues.  I will continue to look to the back for ideas and inspiration while simultaneously cringing at the bedrooms of our pasts.

Just looking at this room makes me uneasy.

Just looking at this room makes me uneasy. All those patterns mixed together! Let’s leave this trend in the past.

Vintage floral bedroom

Should the pattern on your wallpaper ever match the pattern on your bed spread?

2 thoughts on “Is that John Travolta in Your Bed Room?

  1. The brown checked living room looks surprisingly modern considering it’s older than I am. Perhaps a patterned rug along those lines would require less of a commitment to try such a bold pattern.

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