Overcoming Barriers

Like many people who are beginning any artistic journey I am struggling with three barriers. Time, Confidence and Space. I’ve decided to take an hour and tackle all three of these issues this morning.

Time        Don’t we all wish we had more of it? Every morning I wake hoping to set aside an hour or so to work on a project, but then life happens. Laundry, meals, errands, exercise, birthday parties, Candy Land and Legos. Boo boos, riding bikes, chatting with mom, going to the park and more laundry. All worthy and necessary tasks that must be completed to keep my family functioning and my sanity intact.  Today I am working on making my time expectations more realistic. Every day I will devote a minimum of 10 minutes to one of my projects. This may mean my cedar chest will sit unfinished in my garage for another month until I can set aside several hours, but at least I will add several rows of knitting to my afghan or a few stitches to my embroidery sampler (more on those projects later).

Confidence        I feel a pit in my stomach every time I hit “Publish Post” on this blog. Sometimes it seems most of my brain cells went the way of sleeping in on Sunday mornings and draft beers with my husband on Friday nights. My writing is not what it used to be, and neither is my artistic intuition. Fear of saying something ridiculous or creating something that’s garbage prevents me from creating. What a ridiculous excuse. One way I plan to conquer this barrier is to laugh at my fear and to force myself to write or work when my brain is at its soggiest. What do I have to lose? I’ve already shown everyone my first knitting project, and I’m pretty sure even an poorly written blog post won’t top that project failure. In fact, I might even post a project failure every week just to relieve myself from that burden of embarrassment. After all- if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’ll spend your whole life crying your eyes out!

Space        Although we moved almost a year ago, I still feel I haven’t finished unpacking. Despite an abundance of storage space, there is still clutter everywhere.  My knitting is in a storage bin in my son’s closet. My embroidery is shoved in a corner in the laundry room. Someone stole my colored pencils, I left the cap off my mod podge and I’m pretty sure I vacuumed up that 1/16th inch drill bit I haven’t seen in a week. In short, I need to get organized. It’s been my plan since we moved in to create a little crafting corner for myself in our basement. So despite the mess that has taken over the rest of the house, I went to Ikea earlier this week and purchased everything I’ll need to make a functional workspace. I have been super inspired by Angie’s craft room tours at The Country Chic Cottage. I am determined to create a space of my own! As part of that fear defiance thing I mentioned, I will shamelessly show you my “before” photo.


Yep. Not very conducive to crafting. Or anything really. Who would want to jump on that stationary bike or relax with a book in this mess??

Check back this weekend and I will show you my progress. In the mean time, tell me what your workspace looks like. How do you gain time, confidence and space to create what you love?


Here’s what happens when three little boys help you out with Ikea furniture. Instant fort!


One thought on “Overcoming Barriers

  1. My workspace is any space I can find! When I sew, I use the dinner table. When I create with stained glass, I use a corner of the sunroom which I leave dusty and dangerous with glass and lead solder drips! Our house is only 1300 sq feet, so until my kids move out (ohhhhh, maybe 15 years from now), I am relegated to the corners and closets!

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